About Us


Our mission is to empower the Indigenous community through artistic creativity, raising awareness of their culture, and aiding the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates.

What We Do

We provide a platform for Indigenous inmates to share their work for the benefit of the wider Indigenous community. All art pieces are handcrafted and hand painted by Indigenous inmates currently serving sentences at Bathurst Correctional Centre. From the carving of the pieces through to their intricate dot painting decoration, their works tell the stories of the Dreamtime.

How it works

Our unique range of Indigenous art pieces is produced in The Girrawaa Arts Centre at Bathurst Correctional Centre, which was established to provide Indigenous inmates with a sense of cultural belonging, economic independence, and vocational workplace and business management skills. The inmates are taught by exceptional Indigenous artists, who host art classes and provide mentorship.

We purchase all of our goods from the Girrawaa Creative Centre. The revenue funds the artists' salaries for working in the Centre, while also funding the program itself (purchasing materials, equipment and hiring instructors).

Our product margin from sales is then given back to the Centre to fund the purchase of materials and equipment for released inmates - meaning that 100% of the sales proceeds benefit current and released Indigenous inmates.


We are operated by The Bryant Foundation Limited (ACN 630 144 786), a not-for-profit organisation, and run by Sparro, an independent digital marketing agency. The business donates their time to run the site and marketing, and funds operational and advertising expenses - ensuring that all revenue directly benefits Indigenous artists.

Other partners offer no cost services, including Sendle, our delivery partner.